Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Friend Barb Wants to Minister to YOU

I have a very special friend, Barb. Last night she and I partnered together in ministry at our Fall Women's Ministry Event which kicked off a new season of Women's Ministry. Barb gave her testimony last night, and God was glorified!
Barb's story can be found below, under 'Teachings by Me'. Just click on that and it will bring up the google document with the text of her testimony.
Because Barb is not able to speak (although she is working on that and can say some words now!), I read the testimony while standing at her side. I wrote the beginning and ending, but the entire testimony part was written by her, on her laptop, typing with one finger. It was a labor of love, and the women who heard it were touched and challenged. Praise God! He has done an amazing work through Barb.
In a nutshell, Barb had a brain stem stroke a year ago, which initially left her paralyzed and unable to speak, although mentally she was and is completely intact. She has made good progress in several areas, but is still very dependent upon others for even her most basic needs. She requires the care of a full-time caregiver, because she can't walk, speak much, or move her left side much at all.
Barb has had a profound impact on my ministry and life. Being able to minister to her and also to count her as a good friend have blessed me so much. I have learned so much from her, and I look forward to spending time with her every week. We have covered a lot of ground together, cried a ton together, laughed a ton together, and I am just so proud of her for handling such difficult circumstances in such a godly manner. If I had to name a 'human hero', Barb would be it. She has held up under suffering that most of us will never have to endure. She works hard, with determination, and most of all she desires to please the Lord always.
Barb - You are an awesome woman of God. I love you!!
Please read her testimony and be inspired and challenged! She wants to minister Christ's love to YOU.


Laurie said...

This had to be an amazing time for you...a very touching time as well! i still keep barb in my prayers!

Melinda said...

That's really powerful. Please tell Barb thank you for sharing her testimony with us.


vinedresser said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony with my family. We truly don't know what the day will bring. Glorious testimony.
God has you and your ministry in his h-e-a-r-t and has his hands all over you and your service for him. Truly you are a living sacrifice to him. May we all have the peace of God surrounding us all you and your family does. God bless you. Sue

Keri said...

Barb that was an amazing testimony. You are amazing. And maybe Robbie and I can one day go visit you to see all the amazing things you have done since you were at Rancho. I hope we all served you well in your experience.. we can only learn from you and teach others your message. Keri

Ellen said...

Keri, I have passed your comment on to Barb via email. She'll be so glad to know you read it! Ellen