Friday, October 31, 2008

Fear and Despair Over Politics and the Election??

I have had so many discussions with women this past week or two about their discouragement about politics right now. Some are not only discouraged, but they are fearful and even distraught. In times like this, we are prone to forget that God is SOVEREIGN! We need not despair, and we need not fear. I wanted to write something encouraging about the election. I just haven't been able to put a finger on what I am thinking and feeling, so I haven't written the post. Now I don't have to - John Piper said it for me!! He posted this on his blog, and it sums up my thoughts on this election perfectly. Please go read it at:

You can just copy/paste that in to your browser to access it (sorry, I couldn't get the 'insert link' thing to work here!).

After you read the article, you may be interested in this video of John Piper expanding on his thoughts. Please be aware that this may be a bit different than what you are hearing or saying in your Christian circles, but I feel that his points are excellent to provoke deep thought and develop perspective on what is going on politically right now -whether you and I agree or disagree with his take on some things. This is worth viewing, in my opinion, if you are in need of a different kind of look at politics right now.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Revisiting the 'mom guilt'.....

Many have come here to listen to my testimony (link under 'teachings, by me'), only to find the link broken. It has now been repaired, so please click on the link to hear it, and may God use it to minister to you!
Jesus is ENOUGH, amen??!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Invite Jesus to YOUR Pity Party

A friend of mine once said "next time you have a pity party, invite Jesus to it"!! Well, that definitely would put a quick end to a full blown pity party, wouldn't it??
I was recently in the middle of a good pity party, when Jesus showed up. I had not even invited Him, I'm ashamed to admit, but there He came anyway!!
Sometimes I think we kind of enjoy wallowing in that pity party. We want just a few more days of wallowing, and then maybe we will go ahead and invite Jesus. Can you relate??
My pity party was silly (they always are), but it came upon me without me even realizing it. I was in the midst of packing to move to a new home, and it was just not progressing like I needed it to. I was trying to juggle the normal routines of life, carry on some of my ministry tasks, and pack up an entire four bedroom home and all the other details that come with moving - all at the same time. It isn't that I don't like to accept help, but I couldn't figure out HOW anyone could be of help. So I started the pity party, saying things to myself like "we are not going to get enough help" and "this will be too much to do by ourselves" and the most shameful self-pitying one of all "I sacrifice my time every week, but will anyone sacrifice time when I am the one needing help?". OUCH, that one stings to even type here. The flesh is UGLY. And, I really didn't mean it the way it came out (yes, I even said it out loud to a good friend, who still loves me anyway!). The flesh is an essential ingredient for a very good pity party!
I went away for a weekend (a trip planned before I knew we'd be moving!), and when I came back, there He was. Jesus. He showed up. And that was the end of my pity party. I was immediately convicted, and repented of my lack of faith that God would provide for our needs.
How did Jesus show up? In the form of a group of several church friends with servants hearts, that's how. While I was gone, they SURPRISED me and had come to my new house and cleaned it top to bottom and everything shines! And they packed up many things in the old house and did some cleaning there, too. They moved the boxes that were ready to be moved, and placed them in the new garage. It saved us TONS of work this week and I do not know what we would have done if they had not stepped in and served my family like that. We felt so blessed, and very well loved!
I was quickly humbled, and am still overwhelmed with gratitude and a new outlook that totally wiped out my sinful pity party mindset.
I am so grateful that God's mercies are new every morning. And that He forgives me. And that Jesus shows up at pity parties, sometimes when invited and sometimes when not!
Mark 9:35b says ""If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all."
Lord, make me last, even if it means you need to crash my pity party!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Friend Barb Wants to Minister to YOU

I have a very special friend, Barb. Last night she and I partnered together in ministry at our Fall Women's Ministry Event which kicked off a new season of Women's Ministry. Barb gave her testimony last night, and God was glorified!
Barb's story can be found below, under 'Teachings by Me'. Just click on that and it will bring up the google document with the text of her testimony.
Because Barb is not able to speak (although she is working on that and can say some words now!), I read the testimony while standing at her side. I wrote the beginning and ending, but the entire testimony part was written by her, on her laptop, typing with one finger. It was a labor of love, and the women who heard it were touched and challenged. Praise God! He has done an amazing work through Barb.
In a nutshell, Barb had a brain stem stroke a year ago, which initially left her paralyzed and unable to speak, although mentally she was and is completely intact. She has made good progress in several areas, but is still very dependent upon others for even her most basic needs. She requires the care of a full-time caregiver, because she can't walk, speak much, or move her left side much at all.
Barb has had a profound impact on my ministry and life. Being able to minister to her and also to count her as a good friend have blessed me so much. I have learned so much from her, and I look forward to spending time with her every week. We have covered a lot of ground together, cried a ton together, laughed a ton together, and I am just so proud of her for handling such difficult circumstances in such a godly manner. If I had to name a 'human hero', Barb would be it. She has held up under suffering that most of us will never have to endure. She works hard, with determination, and most of all she desires to please the Lord always.
Barb - You are an awesome woman of God. I love you!!
Please read her testimony and be inspired and challenged! She wants to minister Christ's love to YOU.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Post Abortion Healing......

This topic is always in the forefront of a Biblical Counseling Ministry, because it is so prevalent. Statistics say 1 in 3 women have had an abortion in their past. And those are the ones we know about because they have talked about it. I imagine the reality is even higher than that.
God is a God Who heals....and women who have gone through the pain of abortion need healing through God's Word. There are several good resources out there for women who are dealing with the guilt and trauma of having had an abortion, and if you need help in this area please check out Pat Layton's new Bible Study called "Surrender the Secret". It is available through Lifeway, but I'm hoping to win a copy at this blog: (check it out and enter!).