Friday, October 31, 2008

Fear and Despair Over Politics and the Election??

I have had so many discussions with women this past week or two about their discouragement about politics right now. Some are not only discouraged, but they are fearful and even distraught. In times like this, we are prone to forget that God is SOVEREIGN! We need not despair, and we need not fear. I wanted to write something encouraging about the election. I just haven't been able to put a finger on what I am thinking and feeling, so I haven't written the post. Now I don't have to - John Piper said it for me!! He posted this on his blog, and it sums up my thoughts on this election perfectly. Please go read it at:

You can just copy/paste that in to your browser to access it (sorry, I couldn't get the 'insert link' thing to work here!).

After you read the article, you may be interested in this video of John Piper expanding on his thoughts. Please be aware that this may be a bit different than what you are hearing or saying in your Christian circles, but I feel that his points are excellent to provoke deep thought and develop perspective on what is going on politically right now -whether you and I agree or disagree with his take on some things. This is worth viewing, in my opinion, if you are in need of a different kind of look at politics right now.

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