Tuesday, April 29, 2008

feeling invisible, Mom???

In honor of all moms....especially those who struggle with feeling 'invisible'......

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jesus IS my Rock!!

Church retreats are such a great way to get refreshed, reacquainted with God and our sisters in Christ, rest, and come home renewed (although very tired!). I just went to such a retreat with 28 women from my church (and a few friends from other places), and Jesus rocked our world this weekend.
The theme was, yes, Jesus as our ROCK. We had a great speaker (well, two actually because she brought a friend that added much to the weekend!), and enjoyed the rock theme with stones and pebbles interwoven all through the weekend (rock candy at our tables, rock fabric water bottle holders, writing sins that need to be 'cast off' on rocks and tossing them in the creek, songs that sing of Jesus as our Rock, etc!). The sessions centered around scripture that points us to Jesus as our firm foundation, the Rock. It was a great way to focus our hearts and minds on Who He is in our lives!
To my sisters in Christ who went this weekend: Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support of the news that I am now the Women's Ministry Director at our church. But the BIG THANKS goes to God Himself, Who SHOWED UP this morning in a powerful way as I had the privilege of presenting a message this morning about our communion with God, and communion with each other, and how they are both involved in our partaking of the Lord's Supper. I just can't stop praising God for the way that He moved among us as we shared that intimate time with Him and with one another this morning. I came home humbled, blessed, and in awe of the way that His Holy Spirit was SO evident. We 'SAW' You there this morning, Lord!! We did not miss it! Thank YOU, Jesus!

((((As soon as I figure out how, I will post the notes of the message That God gave me to share with the ladies about communion this morning. It's long, and I need to figure out how to take you to a link to read it instead of taking up a whole page here!! Be patient with me!)))

After you are done here, stop and remember that Jesus IS our Rock!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Great Is Our God!!!

Jesus holds all things together!! I got to see this entire talk live at a concert not long ago, but here's a snippet of it from Youtube (I do have the whole talk on dvd if any of you local friends ever want to borrow it - it is excellent and inspiring!). This clip from it is a little long, but very much worth seeing!! My God is AWESOME! If you do not know Jesus as your personal Savior, watch this and see if this doesn't change your mind (and then click on the READY button on my sidebar)! If you DO know Him, watch this and learn something new!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WOW American Idol!

This is all the buzz right now....but I keep hearing about the first performance the idols did when they replaced the words "My Jesus" with "My Shepherd" that night. Lots of people were apparently upset by this, but I guess I was too busy being stunned that they even did this song in the first place.
The second night, they sang it again, and they did sing "My Jesus"!!! WOW. Jesus has been sung to and about in this season's American Idol more than ever.....Jason Castro has been bold enough to do so and he is not yet voted off - good for him (he's got my vote!)!! Dolly Parton gave glory to Jesus when she sang on an episode, too. Ryan Seacrest barely knew what to do with that!
Watch this clip of the second performance (the one that they do use Jesus' name!) and enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Living Proof Live Event Recap

9,000 women attended the Living Proof Live Event with Beth Moore in San Diego this past weekend. I was one of them, somewhere in that huge crowd! It was just an awesome time of worship and teaching. Travis Cottrell led the worship - amazing is all I can say. Beth brought a message from Psalm 139. Our key word was 'KNOWN'. It was a deeply personal application of this Psalm, because it is an intimately personal passage (read it!). This event was about our very personal relationship with God, and we focused on how He knows us as we worked our way through the Psalm. I was caught off-guard because I thought I knew why I was there before the event began. I thought I was going to focus on some direction for some new ministry challenges I have ahead of me. I was wrong - but God knew and He met me there in a profound and life-changing way as he dealt with my personal walk in some places that I had not surrendered to Him fully. It is for freedom that Christ has set me free! Take a look at the video re-cap and enjoy Travis' singing while watching. If ever there is a Living Proof Live event near you, GO!!! You will not regret it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Living Proof

I know! I have not updated this all week. I will be giving a synopsis, next week, of the event I am attending this weekend.......Living Proof Live with Beth Moore, San Diego!! Can't wait!! Sometimes a girl just needs to get her tank filled. That's what I look forward to! I have high expectations that I will have a deep encounter with Jesus this weekend - He and I have some business to take care of together. He is a BIG GOD, and so I can count on Him using this event in a BIG WAY in my ministry and personally. Stay tuned...........