Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Bible Study, YES!!!!!!

OK, I thought I could go all summer without a structured Bible study. But I can't. I miss it, need it, crave it, and want it.
If you are looking for a very unique Bible Study opportunity for summer, this is IT! It is Kelly Minter's 'No Other Gods'. I wasn't planning on doing it until I watched this on the Living Proof Blog today (Beth Moore), and I decided I don't want to miss out. I will be one of those doing it solo, since I didn't get my act together sooner to try to get a few ladies to join me (any local ladies want to make a go of this-we can catch up!?). Anyway - I'm game, even solo. How about you??? Are you IN THE WORD this summer?
Go to, click on 'blog', and read about it there. Here's Beth's video post from today to explain what this is all about (more info is on the blog in today's post plus a prior post you will have to search back a couple of weeks for). (by the way, "Siesta" is her nickname of the blogging 'sisters'...long story).

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HIS Daughter said...

Hi Ellen!
I stumbled onto your blog when I was trying to get to week 2 on Beth's blog for studying Kelly's book.
Sorry for the run on sentence. I've been up for awhile and it was early :-)
I am a Siesta as well and somehow I ended up on the blogroll of CWO.
I wanted to let you know your blog and your conference speaking really encouraged me so much this morning.
Siesta, you nailed it about women and the junior high in all of us!
I hope you feel led to somehow post a link somewhere so that many of the other Siestas can be blessed, encouraged and yes, convicted by it.
I love that you do Biblical counseling! Our church so far only has an encouragement/counseling ministry through lay people that are trained, yet not formally.
My own 24 year old daughter who is not a Christian now (but will be)is a MSW working towards her LCSW and seeing patients now within her scope of practice.
It is so sad because I know what people are told because of her and also from going to one myself in my "former way of life".
I can say with all sincerity, if it truly worked, I would have known it.
GOD alone saved,and pulled me out of my deep pit. Biblical counseling showed me why I let the enemy deceive me through cycles of defeat because of issues similar to Beth's. I guess that is why GOD placed her and her ministry in my life. I had never heard of her before.
Sorry to go on and on, but I wanted to let you know your blog was such an encouragment to this Siesta!

Blessings in HIM,
p.s. I am siesta "His daughter" on the blog site and this is my blog home: