Thursday, June 19, 2008

more about being in the Word this summer:

This was written by Lisa TerKeurst, but I could have written it myself. ;) She suggests the very same things I suggest in order to dedicate each day to The Lord by starting it with a Quiet Time. No more excuses. Just DO IT. Here's some great ideas (Comments in parenthesis next to each one are from me!!)
If you are struggling with having quiet time with the Lord each day, try these helpful ideas:

Be honest with God and admit your struggle. Ask God to give you the desire to set aside time to be with Him. (He will SO honor this!)

Start with just a small amount of time. Even if it is just 5 minutes at first, give this 5 minutes solely to the Lord without any other distractions. Over the next weeks and months, your desire for more time with Him will increase. (It DOES! It becomes habit, and then you crave more!)

Use a version of the Bible that lends itself to study. I use the NIV Life Application Study Bible and I love it. It helps me understand the context each book was written in and gives me commentaries to understand specific verses. (this is my favorite Bible to use, and I recommend it all the time!)

Ask God for understanding as you read the Bible. When I first started reading the Bible I had a hard time, so I started praying that God would open my spiritual eyes to see the truths in a life changing way for me. (God's Word is meant to be applied, for sure!).

Write some of the verses that seem most applicable to your life on 3x5 cards and use them in your prayers. For example, Matthew 6:19-20 says, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth… But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” So, I could use this verse in my prayer time by praying, “God, help me to know how to store up treasures in Heaven. Help me to relinquish my tight hold on my earthly possessions so I can use them to build your kingdom now. Show me how to best use that which you have blessed me with. Give me your mindset for the money I have.”
(my favorite 'tool', Beth Moore teaches this method so well, too).

Get involved in a Bible Study with friends. This will help hold you accountable to getting your study time done and will open up great discussions to deepen everyone’s understanding of applying God’s truths to everyday life. (AMEN!!!!!!!!! See the post below this one, and consider getting a good Bible study workbook to go through either solo or with friends this summer!).

(So, ladies, let's get in to the Word and stay there!)

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