Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why do people feel invisible?????

I posted a video on this blog a long time ago from Nicole Johnson entitled “Feeling Invisible” (check the archives back near the start of this blog). Since that time, I have left the post there so that people will land on it when they come here, or when they do a google search with the words ‘feeling invisible’.
I have been watching my feedjit (bottom of blog) quite often to see what brings people here and where they come from (your names don’t show – just your location). If someone came from google, I click on ‘google search’ in their feedjit, and it will take me to the google search page that shows me the words they actually googled that brought up my blog.
BY FAR, the most common google search that brings people to this blog are the exact words “FEELING INVISIBLE”. I find that so interesting. Why do so many people ‘feel invisible’?? Are these men, women, or both? What are they looking for…..maybe HOPE?? What is happening in their lives to make them feel so invisible that they are looking for answers on the internet?? I am intrigued by this.
I do hope that once they come to the blog, that they are watching Nicole’s video. It is profound. I hope that if they are believers, they realize that the unseen things they do in life do matter to God. If they are not believers, I hope they see that there is hope and that God created them for a purpose. I hope they snoop around elsewhere on the blog and find other things to encourage them, too. (makes me realize it is time to start updating this thing more often, with content that will help people!!!! I’ll work on that!).

If you are one of those who came here because you are feeling invisible, I would love for you to email me (go to my profile to do so) or leave a comment here. Tell me about it. What do you mean by ‘feeling invisible’? What makes you feel invisible, and what were you hoping to find by doing a google search about that topic?? And most importantly, have you found the answers you were looking for either here or elsewhere?? I am just curious to know. And also, every time I see that in feedjit, I lift a prayer for that person. If you are one of them, I have been praying for you. I don’t know your name, but God does. Know this: He loves you and to Him you are NOT invisible.

John 3:16 says it all.

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