Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weary??? Me, too.

Time to get back to blogging! The Retreat is done, the wedding is over, Women’s Ministry slows down during summer months, and now I will focus on counseling and (hopefully) receiving some fresh vision for the upcoming year of ministry, and also catch up on some other projects (like the blog, which I really long to use more intentionally for ministry!).
I have learned something very valuable through this insanely busy season I am just now coming out of. If you are in ministry (and even if not, you might glean), take note from some of the pitfalls of busyness I have encountered!.....
….stay balanced. In the aftermath of all the major events I have had recently, I felt really sick, tired, beyond fatigued really. Sore throat, coughing, but not necessarily actually ‘sick’, I think. I believe I did not take my own counsel regarding drinking plenty of water, eating well, and walking. Instead, I let being busy get in the way of good common sense. Lesson learned. I neglected some areas that cannot be neglected and still expect to feel well emotionally/mentally/spiritually/physically.
….being unbalanced is sin. Read James MacDonald’s post on ‘Weariness’ to see what I mean – here I have repented. I am grateful for God’s grace! I will purpose to guard against being unbalanced and using busyness as an excuse. Sometimes life gets busy – I have to deal with it and not allow it to burn me out, so to speak.
….The enemy is never more fierce in his attacks than right after a speaking engagement. He started in during that weekend, and has not let up yet. I won’t go in to details, but he has messed with me in many ways. Have I kept my armor on through all this busyness? Not always. I know, no wonder he has kept at me. Be assured that my armor is back on now, in full force.
….it is hard to give your daughter away in marriage. It is not bad, it is not wrong….it is just HARD. I had no idea until we got there. There is a grieving to go through, and a mixed bag of emotions that I did not expect. I am so happy for her, I love her new husband and think he is definitely the man for her….and yet, I miss being responsible for her and I miss her needing me so much. Selfish, I know.
….having my husband gone all through each week during all of this has been difficult. But I purpose not to complain about God’s provision, when so many are struggling much more than we are. It has given me empathy for women whose husband always travel, or are deployed, or for those who have no husband at all. Gaining empathy is always a good thing for a counselor (and anyone!), so I take the lessons from this time. But, I will be glad when the travelling ends and he is working near home again. It is good to miss your husband after nearly 31 years of marriage, though, because it means the marriage is still very much alive!
….taking a break after the busy events ended was a good thing. I sat, reflected, prayed, read, listened, and sat some more. I can now hear that still, small voice again! And, I am no longer as weary (still a ways to go, admittedly!).
….Scripture memory has declined. I have missed it. When I am busy and allow it to distract me, I can’t even recall the verses I have committed to memory, and that scares me sometimes! So, I purpose to get back at it asap. You, too??
Here’s a good one to start with:
Matthew 11:28:
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

That's the kind of provision I am needing today, and my Jehovah Jireh is able!!!


I am Katy, said...

Glad to see you back at the blog. :) Now that things have settled down for you, let's get together sometime soon and talk about starting that mom of young kids Bible Study. There has been lots of interest in starting this Summer.

Anonymous said...

Weary...been there done that my Friend! The verse that keeps coming to me in this season of weariness is "As a deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after You." Psalm 42:1

julie said...

hi ellen - wondering if you would mind telling me the name of your local church...wondering if it is local to me...i am in SM. if you would rather email,

Ellen said...

Julie - an email is coming your way...