Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WOW American Idol!

This is all the buzz right now....but I keep hearing about the first performance the idols did when they replaced the words "My Jesus" with "My Shepherd" that night. Lots of people were apparently upset by this, but I guess I was too busy being stunned that they even did this song in the first place.
The second night, they sang it again, and they did sing "My Jesus"!!! WOW. Jesus has been sung to and about in this season's American Idol more than ever.....Jason Castro has been bold enough to do so and he is not yet voted off - good for him (he's got my vote!)!! Dolly Parton gave glory to Jesus when she sang on an episode, too. Ryan Seacrest barely knew what to do with that!
Watch this clip of the second performance (the one that they do use Jesus' name!) and enjoy!


Laurie said...

I applaud this as well...I hope it continues since we know that a lot of "teenie boppers" watch this show!
ps...i wonder if they asked all the idols if this song was ok with them

Melinda said...